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Through 2007 I was a member of Project Art for Nature (a group of artists promoting conservation of local areas through their art). The site I studied in 2004 through 2007 was part of the Mississippi River bank area that is close to where I live.

During this period of time I studied the flock of Canada geese that reside at my site (migrating in the winter but returning each spring). I have been sketching and observing this flock for over a decade, but during this time I spent an increased amount of time with the geese (at at least a couple several hour blocks of time each week.) Over time the flock came to accept my presence and I was able to sketch whilst sitting amongst the goslings.

"A Gaggle," is the artist's book I created to commemorate this experience. This is a hard bound book made of hand painted paper. The images are all scanned from my paintings and journal sketches and then printed on fabric.

The images were sewn into the book after being embelished with glass beads. The text of the book is made up of researched facts about Canada geese (appearing as typeset text) and my journal observations, appearing as handwritten entries. All the text was set or scanned (if handwritten) and composed in panels which were then printed out on cloth and sewn into the book. The cover title is silkscreened and has an organza fabric panel over the title with the words "Canada goose" running vertically. There is also a feather pattern on this fabric panel which was picked up from my paintings. Each page spread additionally has fore edge hinges which were created by selecting a section of feather pattern from one of my paintings, colorizing it to match the painted pages and printing it on cloth. The cloth was then paper backed and used as hinges.

The digital work was done on a Mac using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and QuarkXpress. The typeface for the set type is Schmutz. The book is approximately 8 inches square and the construction was designed so that the book could be displayed as shown, with all of the page spreads viewable as you walk around it in space.

The book was on display at the beginning of 2007, at the PAN show at the Bell Museum of Natural History, University of Minnesota.


Artwork © 2006 Roz Stendahl; All Rights Reserved
Photo © 2007 Tom Nelson; All Rights Reserved