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Like I said, I needed a corn dog, and I got one! Never confuse corn dogs with Pronto Pups. A corn dog is a cheap hot dog encased in cornbread batter, deep fried on a stick. The gourmand is left to cover it with yellow mustard or catsup as desired. A Pronto Pup is a cheap hot dog encased in flour batter, deep fried on a stick. Same deal with condiments.

I used to buy both and merrily eat my way across the fairgrounds. Then I realized that most of the Pronto Pups I was getting were under cooked and there is nothing worse than soggy batter. Corn dogs also have a nice crunchy texture to their covering. Do yourself a favor, stick to corn dogs. Look for a booth where there is a long line and the workers are busily making fresh ones!

Another great thing about friends like Tom going to the fair with you: they hold the things you want to draw! And another reason to sketch quickly: you want to eat your corn dog while it is HOT.

I heard that there were 54, 56, or 57 items available at the fair this year ON A STICK! That included the deep fried Snickers Bar (have never tried it) and the deep fried Twinkie, new this year. I did try the latter. The batter makes the sponge cake soggy and the lard or fat they fried it in conflicts in taste with that normally yummy whipped lard filling! The treat was dressed up with powdered sugar and you could have chocolate or strawberry topping added. This year they might be able to charge $3.00 for the novelty. Next year they'll have to pay people to eat them. (And I love Twinkies!) I didn't get past the first bite.


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