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Janice, Heather, and I did a "group sketch" of this lion. This means we all stood at different points and sketched at whatever pace we wanted (no speed drawing required). The problem with "group sketch" is that some people (myself included) sometimes speak, or rather mutter, during the sketch. When I'm struggling I'm often heard to mutter, "Random Strokes," because that reminds me to lighten up and just go for it. On this day Heather was often heard to say, "that's not right," while drawing the lion's face. (I know this because I took a moment to write it down.)

But if people are talking you aren't drawing. More often than not you're laughing. This of course can be a good thing too. The page has a variety of scribbled notes, things that were said either by my friends or people passing by (I think it is important when sketching in public to keep your ears open and jot down any "found dialog" that happens your way).

Some of the comments from this day, since the scan is too small to be read, include the following conversation between me and Heather about anonymous notes we wanted to leave:

R: I think we should make up comment cards about the displays being too high, in multiple pens.

H: We could cut up little letters from that poor map.

R: You have glue stick?

H: You're the one who taught me to carry one.

R: Can I borrow it?

AND my favorite overheard comment:

"I don't like rhinos, except for black rhinos. They're getting extinct."

This was from a little girl in a wheel chair when her brother said, "Poor Rhinos." Of course this is also the same brother who moments ago was trying to gross her out in the mummy room, but that's another overheard story all together.


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