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This is a board surface of my own devising. Years ago I layered hemp canvas on several masonite boards for a series of tests. This 20 x 16 inch board was then gessoed with Daniel Smith Venetian Red Gesso (which I love; it is richly pigmented). Later, preparatory to another experiment that didn't happen, I slapped on some russet metallic Lumiere paint. (It gives the surface a nice break out simmer in exposed areas.) Still never thinking I'd paint a portrait of Lucky on this board, I put a pattern of light modeling paste bars at various points and angles.

I guess what it all boils down to is that I like a lot of surface texture. When I saw this board leaning against the wall I decided it would be perfect for another Lucky portrait. I started with a base of cadmium orange and worked everything else up from there. I'm particularly pleased with her left front leg (top right in the painting). It only took a few strokes to capture the elegant and dainty strength of her leg. Dogs are wonderfully well-made creatures.

When you stood over her and looked down the eyes were bulging. I was finally getting used to that by the time I did this painting. She had a wonderful black leather nose. One of the best I've seen on dogs. And I pay attention. She was also a patient model. But you can also tell from the cock of her ears that at the least hesitation from me, the smallest dip in attention, she'll be up and ready for that walk she was promised.

See a detail of the left paw.

See a detail of Lucky's head.


Painting © 2005 Roz Stendahl; All Rights Reserved
Photo © 2005 Tom Nelson; All Rights Reserved