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This is a painting of Cutie Pie, a gray cat owned by my friend Rice (there is an umlaut over the "e" which I don't know how to create in my html program). I had the pleasure of visiting Rice and her husband Earl in May 2005. During my visit Cutie Pie elected to sleep with me. And bite my toes! Actually he is a wonderful sleeping companion because once you settle down he's quite happy to nestle in the bend of your legs, or by your chest, and purr. I think this is why people who have cats, have cats.

I'm actually allergic to cats and still laugh at the face my allergist pulled when I told him about my spring trip adventures. (Horror comes to mind.) While on my visit I took my allergy medication and didn't have a sniffle.

This painting is on 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. I used a turquoise Pentel Color Brush to sketch. These are NOT archival, but I knew I was going to do something with the image digitally so I wasn't concerned. The fun of working with the Color Brush is that it is watersoluble so it bleeds when you paint next to the line work. This gives you some neat blends and gradations you wouldn't get any other way. Also the brush tip of this pen is individual bristles. (I wish the company would wise up and start making the same thing with archival watersoluble inks. I would like to use it for applications that require archival or lightfast materials.)

Once the sketch was on paper, I used a regular sable paint brush to apply washes of gouache. This blends with the ink lines. Then when the painting was dry I scanned it, altered it slightly in Adobe Photoshop (adjusting contrast and saturation slightly). I next applied the Poster Edges filter which creates black outlines around discreet color areas. This created interesting texture around the eyes and gave them even more reflection and depth. It also created a nice pitted surface over the entire painting. (The original is about 6 inches square and cropped from an almost full-body view.)

Rice enjoyed seeing the finished piece and asked to use it in her wearable art. She has since printed Cutie Pie on cloth and stitched him, altered and embellished, to several clothing items.

Visit Rice's website to view her artwork. (Note: there is no link to bring you back. Use your browser navigation to return to this page.)


Painting © 2005 Roz Stendahl; All Rights Reserved