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This is a 5 x 7 inch gessoed board from Italy that I wanted to try out. It was supposed to be suitable for watercolor. It is of course Gooser's eye. I did this gouache painting after the full portrait.

I had just finished the portrait and was intrigued with the cheating I'd done on the eye to make it round and watchful. I wanted to take another stab at it, but larger, and cropped. At what point do you still read it as a bird's eye?

I was so excited to try this new surface that I didn't realize the obvious. Since the scale is even larger (this painting is as large as Gooser's entire head in the full portrait) I'd have to find a way to adapt my cheating. I guess that's the fun of painting for me. And yes, this eye follows you all around the room too. (More dancing in the studio.) I guess my mother took me and my brother to too many art museums when we were young. The watchful eyes of Christian Saints in European art have always fascinated me as I walked up and down the gallery corridors.

This panel did turn out to be marvelous fun to work on. Pannelli a gesso, from Belle Arti, with a cold press finish. (It's also available in a smooth finish.) Funny thing is it has been sitting around here for ages. Now all I want to do is paint on it and watercolor canvas. (The panel has this website on its label: www.pieraccini.com.)

Some of my Gooser sketches can be seen in the journaling section of my website. See the sections labeled "July and August 2005" and "Grand Marais 2005."


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