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I use beadweaving, basketry, and wire wrapping techniques to create amulet bags, free-standing vessels, and jewelry. I have always been a bit of a crow and my love of "bright sparklies" has spilled over into my bookmaking and fabric pieces. Embellishment allows me to marry my painting skills and my interest in surface design.

Beading is also a form of active meditation for me. An item's use, the projected user, or the energy and story I wish to tell are all possible starting points for my designs. The amulet bags I create begin with my desire to create tangible metaphors for healing energy. (Perhaps it is no coincidence that my adult beadwork grew out of my need to slow down and recuperate after a car accident.)

I choose a color palette, texture palette, stitching technique, and beads all with a theme in mind. I next create thumbnail sketches to refine the idea in my mind's eye. I believe that the sketching portion of my design process is essential to me. It helps me clarify the direction I want to go, but because beadwork is a slow process I am always open to new directions that appear as I stitch. Ultimately I think of beading as a series of questions that arise. As I answer one question certain possibilities cease to exist but others appear. One thumbnail sketch can give rise to several pieces all unique, but on some level related. That is also part of the enjoyment for me.

If you are interested in my beadwork you might also check the Bookbinding and Artworks section of my website (found under "FUN"). I try to categorize work but some mixed media works frustrate this effort. I may not always exhaustively cross reference everything.

I am available to create commissioned pieces. Contact me via email for availability and to discuss a project and costs.

Beadwork Galleries


Gallery One: work posted pre-2005

Gallery Two: work posted September 2005

Gallery Three: work posted January 2008

Beadwork at top: Hope Rising © 2000 Roz Stendahl; All Rights Reserved
Photo © 2000 Tom Nelson