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Roz has been teaching adult and youth classes in journaling and art-related topics for over 20 years.

Some of youth classes topics include nature journaling, bookmaking, and digital design and painting classes. Classes range in scope from 2-hour workshops to week-long residencies in a school. She has taught bookmaking to students as young as 7. Digital skills classes have been prepared for students from ages 9 and up.

The topic range of adult classes includes colored pencil, color theory, creativity, visual journaling, bookmaking, beading, and eraser carving. Classes are offered in a variety of formats including short workshops (2 to 4 hours), week-long immersion workshops (five full days of instruction), and 6- to 8-week courses (2 to 3 hours of instruction, once a week for the course duration).

Roz believes that drawing and observational skills can be learned at any point in life; and that these skills enhance our lives.

Please contact Roz directly for information about creating a workshop or artist's residency for your school or group.